Family Visas – EEA Nationals

European law gives EEA (European Economic Area) nationals the right to work live in the UK it also allows family members (who are not EEA nationals) to join them. Under European Community law family members are defined as:-

  • Your husband, wife or civil partner (unmarried partners do not have the automatic right to live with you in the UK- but can be assessed against the Immigration Rules for unmarried partners)
  • Your children or those of your husband, wife or civil partner (under 21 years of age);
  • Your dependant parents and grandparents or those of your husband, wife or civil partner.

EEA nationals initially have the right to residence in the UK for 3 months. If they wish to remain in the UK for more than 3 months then they must become a qualified person; a qualified person is a worker/jobseeker, a self-employed person, a self-sufficient person or a student.

Family members who intend to stay in the UK should obtain an EEA family permit prior to their arrival in the UK. This is normally issued for a period of six months then extended in the UK. The EEA family permit allows employment in the UK.

EEA nationals are citizens of countries that are members of the European Economic Area. Current members are:-

Austria Belgium Bulgaria* Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
Romania* Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden  United Kingdom

*Bulgarian & Romania nationals currently require permission to work in the UK.
** Switzerland – Family members have the same rights as EEA national family members.

How do I qualify?

To qualify you must meet the following requirements:-

  • Proof that your husband, wife or civil partner is an EEA national; and
  • Proof of your husband, wife or civil partners relationship to you (for example your marriage certificate);
  • A letter of support from your husband, wife or civil partner;
  • Evidence that your husband, wife or civil partner is a qualified person;
  • Evidence that you meet the requirements of the Immigration rules- as you are in New Zealand and therefore outside EEA, you must meet the requirements for of visa category under which you are applying. Therefore if you are applying as a spouse you will need to meet the requirements for a UK spouse visa-these requirements can be found in settlement.

How can ivisas help?

Ivisas takes the stress out of applying for a visa; why spend hours reading through complicated rules and procedures? For further information and assistance regarding this visa please contact ivisas