Family Visas - Settlement - Spouse / Civil Partner / Dependant

If your Spouse or Civil Partner has the right to live in the UK permanently (such as holders of a British passport, Certificate of Entitlement or UK Residency) they can sponsor you and your dependants (to the relationship) to join or accompany them to the UK.

How can ivisas help?

Ivisas takes the stress out of applying for a visa; why spend hours reading through complicated rules and procedures? For further information and assistance regarding this visa please contact ivisas

Do I qualify?

You will need to supply original documentation to demonstrate that:-

  • You are aged 21 years or over;
  • You and your sponsor have entered in to a legal marriage or registered a civil partnership;
  • You and your sponsor intend to live together;
  • You have met each other;
  • You have sufficient funds to support yourselves and any dependants without claiming from the state;
  • You have arranged acceptable accommodation.

Any dependent Children (under the age of 18) should apply at the same time as the main applicant; again the relationship will need to be demonstrated together with evidence that there are sufficient funds to support and accommodate.

You must apply for this visa before you travel to the UK and you must enter the UK at the same time, or after your sponsor.  Your visa will be valid for 33 months and will allow you to work. Prior to the visas expiry you will need to make a further application for leave to remain as a partner/dependant.

Once you have resided in the United Kingdom for 5 years you will need to undertake a ‘Knowledge of Life Test’ and apply permanent residence (ILR).